Essay on Animal Relationship Between Humans And Animals

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They bark. They woof. They roar. They quack. Some of them even speak. They hunt, they travel, and they do everything they can in order to survive. Just like us. They have always been a part of our lives, helping us, guiding us, and giving us company. In turn, we take care of them, observe them and use them to tell our stories. We also hunt them, destroy their homes and exploit them at will. Yet they never complain, unlike us.
This intricate relationship between humans and animals is truly irreplaceable, for it has developed through centuries since the dawn of mankind. In exploring this complex human-animal relationship, I will particularly analyze how throughout history, we have used animals as figures to express ourselves. I will also discuss how the values that we place upon animals depend on the way we interpret them in relation to us. I believe in order to truly understand our behavior with animals, we must first identify the reasons behind our treatment of them. In order to promote animal conservation and preserve animal’s rights, we must first understand the reasons why we exploit them. Through my arguments, I intend to analyze these reasons. Throughout history, humans have used animals to narrate their own stories. Through fiction, writers have often humanized animals to make the readers more empathetic and keen on reading their stories. For instance, in the novel ‘The Old Man Who Read Love Stories,’ Luis Sepulveda describes the lives of Ocelots, an indigenous…

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