Animal Farm George Orwell Essay

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The life and work of George Orwell
In George Orwell’s Animal Farm, examples of a corrupt government are used to show that even the most humble and noble beginnings can become the most dishonest and dark societies. Orwell’s experience though fighting in political movements and writing propaganda against them gave him an edge amongst other writers in that period of time. The way he‘s able to compare the society of a farm to one of the biggest political movements of all time is renowned.
George Orwell was born in Bengal, India in 1903, with the birth name of Eric Arthur Blair. The early part of his life was spent in there where his father was stationed, but life in India wasn’t much, so his mother took him and his sister Marjorie to England. His
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Therefor the fight is called The Battle of the Cowshed. Snowball draws up a plan to build a windmill which will provide electricity. Napoleon says the windmill is a waste of time, so it goes up for a vote. The day of the voting, Napoleon summons a pack of dogs which chase Snowball of the farm never to be seen again. Napoleon later states that the windmill will be built after all and that Snowball took the idea from him. Snowball is used as a scapegoat by Napoleon. Who is blamed for all of the hardships the animals endure. Much of the following year is spent building the windmill. Boxer proves to be the most valuable asset in building the …show more content…
Mr. Jones is was made to represent Tsar Nicholas II and both of their inabilities to rule a society. Old major dream represents Karl Marx communist manifesto and his political philosophy on communism. Most of the other animals in the farm represented the workers and peasants of Russia, particularly Boxer and clover, which embodied the roles of the working class. They worked hard, where loyal, but clearly lacked philosophical direction. Moses “the raven” represented the Russian Orthodox Church. He flew around talking about a place called Candy land where animals were treated right and fed well. The church promised the working peasants a utopian afterlife in haven. The animal original vision of the society had noble ideals. Orwell was socialist, so he did support the creation of a government with social equality. Russian Revolutionist began with the same concepts; Karl Marx explained these notions in his writings. As in the case of the Russian Revolution and Animal Farm, power quickly consumes those who have it. Two pigs rise up to the rebellion just as two communist party leaders do when Karl Marx dies. Snowball shared traits of intelligence with Leon Trotsky, while Napoleon resembled the power hungry dictator Joseph

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