Abuse Of Power In Animal Farm

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Literary Analysis
The corruption inside shows Corrupt people who abuse their power often break their own rules. In the Russian Revolution a man by the name of Stalin assassinates Trotsky and becomes a powerful dictator. When Stalin gains complete control as dictator he abuses much of his power. The abuse of his power leads to many deaths and sufferings. The Revolution was inspired by Karl Marx who wanted a world where everything was equal and this lead to the novel Animal Farm. In the novel Animal Farm, George Orwell explores the dangers of the abuse of power through the characters Snowball, Farmer Jones, and Napoleon. One example of Orwell’s depiction of the dangers of the abuse of power involves the character Snowball. Snowball is a young
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Farmer Jones represents Czar Nicholas II in this novel. The animals on the farm chase Farmer Jones out so that he is no longer living on his property. Farmer Jones abuses his power by forcing the animals to work extremely hard with no reward. The animals on the farm work for Jones as salves that will never see freedom. Even though they do all of the work on the farm Jones never thinks of giving them extra food, breaks, or even grooming them. Jones not only works his animals to hard, but he also cares more about himself than anyone else. For example, one of the animals on the farm is hens. Hens produce eggs which provide food for many people. Jones abuses his power to the hens when he sells or cooks the eggs to make a profit of his own or to eat the eggs, which is murdering an animal. Lastly Farmer Jones abuses his power to the animals when the animals grow old. Many animals when they hit a certain age become useless and cannot work for the farmer. When the animals on this farm grow old Farmer Jones murders them. The pigs get their necks chopped off, the dogs are taken to a lake to drown, and the horses are sold to knackers to be killed. Jones’ decision to murder the animals is not only cruel but also torture that the animals have to …show more content…
Napoleon is also a boar, like Snowball, but he is bigger, meaner, quieter, and always gets his way. In this novel Napoleon represents Joseph Stalin who abuses his power and becomes a dictator like Napoleon. The first way Napoleon abuses his power is by communicating with human beings. The animals on the farm follow a set of rules called the Seven Commandments. The first commandment in the Seven Commandments is “Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy.” Napoleon starts talking to a man named Mr. Whymper who is going to help Animal Farm make money and bargain with the neighboring farms. Second, Napoleon also broke the Seven Commandment which says, “No animal shall kill any other animal.” On the farm, Napoleon holds many different meetings at many different occasions. One meeting, held by Napoleon, Napoleon murders several of the animals on the farm. The reason Napoleon murders these animals is because he states that they have been helping Snowball ruin the farm. The animals that Napoleon kill; confess their crime to him even though they did not commit it. Lastly, Napoleon abuses his power by betraying one of his best friends Boxer. Boxer is a powerful work horse that does almost every task on the farm. Not only does Boxer do more work than any other animal, but he also is the one animal that always says, “If Comrade Napoleon says it than it must be right.” When Boxer says this it is displaying how

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