Animal Farm Satire Analysis

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Nowadays, the novel as a piece of satire is a very powerful artistic form to critique human behaviors and social actions (LeBoeuf, 2007). In this essay, it analyze the novel of satire from three aspects. In the first section, it present the main content about Animal Farm and discuss how does animal farm satirize modern society. In the second section, it explain how the satire works by analysing other examples(. And how satire deal with the serious issues will be discussed in the final part. Additionally, the argument of this essay is that the using satire is an effective way to deal with the social issues.

Animal Farm tells a story that one day the oppressed animals rebelled to overthrow the domination of humans and takeover their owner’s
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These examples are not rare in our daily life at all, for example, two main characters Napoleon and Snowball in animal farm are two representative types of leader, Snowball was an active leader who learned the skills of such as farming, reading, writing and architecture. With these skills, he taught other animals and he hoped every animal could learn more and improve themselves to be more knowledgeable and cultivated. He really want to help others get rid of the terrible memories before the revolution. As a leader, he was very responsible to other animals and the farm, but there is no doubt that he was failed as a politician. Snowball was too innocent to defend himself against the Napoleon, so as a result, Snowball is expelled by Napoleon as a betrayer. Napoleon is a selfish, greedy and ambitious pig who can not endure share power with Snowball, thus, he opposed Snowball’s every suggestions and arguments due to stronger desire he have, he also killed other animals who did not support his idea and always contributed to contacting with the ‘’betrayer” Snowball. The sentences from novel “he pissed the blueprint of snowball’s plan for windmill” “If you have your lower animal to contend with,’’ he said, “we have our lower class!” and Mr.Pilkington once again congratulated the pigs on the low rations, the long working hours, and the general absence of pampering which he had observed on Animal farm (animal farm page 138). These kind of sentences vividly depict his ambitiousness reveal his rudeness to readers, Napoleon also reflect there a people like him in real world who believe they are noble and distinguished than others, some people always think they are different with other dominator, but finally they will being as same as “Mr. Jones”, betray primary principles and make friends with enemies, they do not work but just enjoy other’s labor fruits, they are absolutely

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