Animal Farm, By The Other Animals On The Farm Essay

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Old Major was an old pig highly respected by the other animals on the farm. Boxer was the big, strong horse who was not very smart but had a better perspective then most of the other animals. Clover was a motherly, middle-aged mare. Benjamin was a donkey and the oldest animal on the farm. Mollie was the foolish, pretty white mare who loved sugar cubes and ribbons in her mane.
Major called the animals together to tell them about his idea for a better world for animals. The animals would live together and have a much better life without Man.
Major specifically tells the animals to remember his seven commandments for the Revolution. The first states that whatever walks on four legs or can fly is friend and those that walk on two legs are the enemy. The rest of the commandments emphasize that animals must in no way be like Man. Therefore, trade with humans, alcohol, clothes, beds, tobacco, and money were forbidden. The last two state that all animals are equal and no animal must kill another. "Beasts of England" is the song of the Revolution. It is a way for the animals to remember their hopes and dreams of having a better life.
The pigs were generally recognized as being the smartest of the animals and were given the jobs of teaching and organizing.
Snowball and Napoleon were two of the more influential pigs. Snowball was a white inventive pig, and Napoleon had more of a reputation of getting his way. Squealer was a very convincing pig who often was credited with the…

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