Big Bad Wolf Research Paper

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Once upon a time, there “was” three little pigs and a big bad wolf. At, first the pigs were skeptical with moving next to a wolf's house, for obvious reasons. The first pig built his house out of straw, the second pig made his out of twigs, and the third pig made his out of concrete. When night fall came and the pigs were sleeping, the big bad wolf came out, since he was asleep all day.
The big nasty wolf schemed day and night and decided it was time for supper for himself.
“ I can’t wait for the fresh, tasty bacon,” says the wolf evilly. So the wolf went out to the firsts pig’s house and lite it on fire, since it was made out of straw and was very flammable. The frightened pig ran to the police. As the pig did this the big nasty wolf already disguised himself as a
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After they left he brought the first pig to his “safe house”, or his other home. Deciding that he wanted all three pigs, he decided to do the same thing to the second pig. In a account that the second pig's home was made out of twigs, and was still very flammable and dangerous.
Again he disguised himself as a police officer and said to the second pig. “ I will bring you to your other pig friend, from this unfortunate accident.”
After he got the first and second pig, he needed to find a way to get the third pig, even though the third pig's home was made out of concrete. Considering the big, ugly, nasty wolf couldn’t lite the third pig’s concrete home on fire he decided to knock the building over. At first he tried a backhoe, but it still didn’t work because the wall was a thick as a bunker. Then he tried dynamite, but still no luck. Finally, he knocked on the door, disguised as a pig, and knocked on the door to the third pig's

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