Theme Of Hunting In Lord Of The Flies

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The novel, Lord of the Flies by William Golding showcases how society can be destroyed by one simple thing. In the novel, that one simple thing that contributes the most to the deterioration of the civilization on the island is the pig hunt. The three stages in which the civilization deteriorates are as listed: the idea of pig hunting is proposed to the boys, a small population of the boys get obsessed with hunting, and finally, almost all of the boys are dedicated to hunting, but instead of hunting pigs, they hunt humans. In the first stage of the deterioration of the civilization, pig hunting is introduced and all of the boys are following the rules set up by their new leader, Ralph. In the beginning, the boys are too reluctant to kill …show more content…
The mock hunt that used to be just fun and games, has evolved into something used to hurt people. The first instance of this is when the hunters do another mock hunt with Robert, “the circle moved in and round. Robert squealed in mock terror, then in real pain. “Ow! Stop it! You’re hurting!” [...] “Hold him!” [...] “Kill him! Kill him!” (Golding 125). As the boys become less civilized, a mock hunt can easily turn into a real hunt, even if the victim used to be a comrade. Using the skills acquired from hunting, the boys are able to kill the ‘beast’. After circling the ‘beast’, who is actually Simon, “there were no words, and no movements but the tearing of teeth and claws” (Golding 169). The ring that was used as a technique to trap and kill pigs is now being used to kill Simon. All of the boys, including Ralph and Piggy, who were close friends with Simon, took part in his murder. In the final chapter of Lord of the Flies, the pig hunt transforms into a hunt for Ralph. Samneric secretly inform Ralph of Jack’s plans for the next day, telling him that “[Jack’s tribe is] going to hunt you to-morrow” (Golding 209). Unlike the unintentional murder of Simon, the hunt for Ralph was planned ahead of time. The boys knew what they were going to do and most had no qualms about it. Now, civilization on the island has deteriorated completely as most of the boys on the island have disregarded the rules of their old

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