Animal Experimentation : Cosmetics And Medication Providers Essay

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Animal Experimentation Cosmetics and medication providers both test on animals; with this being said most animals skin is nothing like humans, there are genetic differences between animals and humans. With a lot of cosmetics and soaps there will be a label that will either say “This product has been tested on animals” or “This product has not been animal tested”. More and more products are beginning to be tested on animals. There are pictures of products on the internet and other places that show what has happened to people who have used products that haven’t been tested on animals, causing rashes and other breakouts. This is a reason why more people are starting to use products that have been tested to try a lower the chance of breaking out.
DEATH AND EXTINCTION RATE: With more animals being tested on at such a mass rate there is an increase in the death rate and the speed of extinction rate. “95 percent of mice bred for these cruel experiments don’t carry the desired gene, they’re typically killed right after birth,” PETA said in a statement accompanying the study (Casey, 2015). Millions of chimps once roamed the wild, but as humans invade chimpanzee habitats to create farms and hunt the animals for meat, fewer than 300,000 remain, according to IUCN’s Red List of Threatened Species (Fears, 2015). In many interviews there are scientists who repetitively say “We are a step closer to finding a cure” when really they mean to say “We are a step closer to finding out what we…

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