Animal Abuse Should Not Be Banned Essay

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Animal Lives Matter
Animals suffer everyday. Whether it is dehydration, starvation, or lack of attention, these are all leading factors into animal abuse. Animal abuse occurs all around the world. Typically it is something people will turn a blind eye towards because it is not a human life being threatened; it is simply ‘just an animal life.’ Animals are crucial for our universe, not to mention they are capable of being lifelong companions. Dogs should not be used as a way to get cheap leather for a line of fancy couture purses and belts, dogs are companions. Cats should not be used as a hunting target for play, they aren 't harming anyone in a way enough to shoot and kill for fun. Chickens should not have a one foot by one foot cage to share with four other full grown chickens, just because they are “food.” Chickens are animals we use for food, but the way we treat them as living beings is not okay. Animal abuse needs to be taken more seriously, and there are a few ways as people we can end it.
There are a few ways to recognize animal maltreatment. While it may be easy to assume that there is abuse occurring based on the animal 's behavior, it is not an accurate assumption. The main way to acknowledge animal mistreatment is based on the physical appearance of the animal and the appearance of it’s environment (“Report Animal Cruelty”).
One of the many key physical signs of abuse is a collar that is too tight to the point the collar is embedding into the skin. A collar…

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