Anheuser Busch Case Study on Csr Essay

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Corporate Social Responsibility in marketing and advertising


The area of corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a constantly evolving field with direct impact on an organizations strategies and success, and it has become an important part of how the beer making industry promotes and advertises itself. Current portrayals of corporate social responsibility in the beer making industry are misleading and do not show the true nature of these practices. Relatively little research has been conducted on how the beer making industry promotes corporate social responsibility in their attempt to
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(2013 Anheuser) In all their efforts to convey drinking responsibly, they fail to successfully construe all of the dangers of drinking and the situations which are deemed most unhealthy. Much of their advertising deflects responsibility away from themselves, as in the case of drinking during pregnancy where they proclaim that the government recommends that pregnant women should not drink, but never proclaim to take that stance for themselves. They have good reason to want to protect their own consumers. They are after all, the future to their own sustainability. Understandably, Anheuser-Busch prides themselves on producing and providing a quality product and understands that the survival of their business in the long run, could hinge on the factors pertaining to use or misuse of their products. They believe that the majority of consumers are responsible with their product, which is debatable, but claim that they will get better business out of their beer drinkers using their product more frequently and responsibly than by a few people who abuse them occasionally. (2013 Anheuser)
All beer makers, including Anheuser-Busch, love to claim social responsibility and responsible advertising, but can any advertising campaign that promotes the consumption of alcohol truly be socially responsible? The key to socially responsibility may

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