Juan Valdez Cafe Business Analysis

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The production strategy in general will change with respect to geographic location. But the strategy by Juan Valdez Cafe focuses on production of the finest coffee beans in Columbia. Their key strategy is to create opportunities for coffee growers in Columbia and also produce the finest coffee beans which allows them to maintain their quality. Juan Valdez Cafe is a premium coffee brand in Colombia. The important aspect of Juan Valdez Cafe is holding together the cultural heritage of growing coffee plants in Colombia alive. The strategy have created a strong brand persona in the market but it has lead to their competitors success too.

The other coffee houses have created many production plants across different countries but still Juan Valdez
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“Procafecol” is the company which manages the coffee shops and it comes under the FNC. The coffee shops raised their profits by 20% while compared to 2012 and made 52 millions US Dollars. The president of Procafecol Hernan Mendez Bages said: “The Juan Valdez stores are an investment in the future of the coffee growers of Colombia”. He even added that the growth of the stores have increased drastically outside Colombia. There are 244 Juan Valdez shops and 169 stores are in Colombia, 75 stores in other countries as on 2013. The stores are projected to increase and franchise models was recently implemented. The selling point focusses on bringing the experience of having the premium Colombian coffee around the world.

The consumers of coffee around the world are increasing which means the market is sustainable for high quality products. Juan Valdez Coffee can make a huge impact in the market since consumers require high quality and varieties when it comes to coffee. The focus on the welfare of Colombian coffee growers and country of origin branding strategy it is evident that Juan Valdez cafe has created an impact amongst the consumers mind. And with the right quality of products they are ensuring their stand amongst heavy

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