Short Story Anger Is Not The Right

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Angry Is Not The Right Answer
Do you think anger is the right way to compromise your biggest problem you faced? I think it's not! I know, every person has an emotional level. How far can you get rid of your anger at this time?
How big anger when someone should face the truth?
Read this is a short story.
One day, there was a man who was stranded on a small island in the middle of the ocean. He was driven by waves from his boat when he crossed the sea to catch some fish. His small boat cannot take exposure the heavy waves, so his boat suddenly hit the rocks and crushed it.

On that island, he could not find anyone else but himself. No matter how angry it feels, it will not change anything. He was so confused and did not know what to do. All he
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He was immediately reminded of the campfire, which he turns off yet before he goes. How surprised and scared he was. He immediately ran as fast as possible to return to his homes.

His knees felt so weak when he got in his little house that he has been painstakingly built, was turned into razed to the ground, the fire had burned everything. He was sad, angry, lamented and disappointed. He was screaming and crying. He said, "God, why did you give me this difficult life like this. I was stranded on this island, now you take my place. Why are you so cruel to me?". He continues to rage and regret the circumstances that night until he fell asleep on the sand without any pad, cover or any warmers.

When he opened his eyes when the sun began to rise, he saw a large ship approaching the islands from a distance, where he was stranded. "Is this real? It is truly a ship?", he muttered to himself as he keeps on rubbed his eyes that had just woken
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He ran to him and immediately asked: "What are you looking for here?".

"Last night I saw high and heavy smoke rising from this island. I think, there is someone who needs help here."

At that moment he was feeling really sorry, that he was mad at God, blaming fate even to himself that he thinks very unfortunate.
Prayer, love, and soul. Your prayer, your love, must be one in your soul. Convey your prayer with affection to God, not with anger and hatred.
It is true! Angry is not the right answer when you faced something awful.
Actually, the way of God gave us the gift or grant our requests, often do not really appropriate with the way we expect. He had so many, hundreds or even thousands of ways to give people's happiness. From every difficulty, God will give the way of its simplicity, of any problems, God always provides a way to solve it. Just how we believe and strength in patients, and keep trying, to receive the best answer and the best gift. Do not be angry with the circumstances, fate, moreover angry to God, because God will always give guidance to his people, to us, with all his

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