Andy Schmookler's Donald Trump Is Opportunistic, Not Candid

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In his essay “Donald Trump is Opportunistic, Not Candid,” Andy Schmookler addresses the controversial subject of Donald Trump running in the presidential campaign. Schmookler believes that by failing to acknowledge Trumps strategies contributes to inclining poll votes. Schmooker had recommended an evaluation of Trumps words to be done in which can be integrated into further understanding. While it may be true that recent years have seen certain facts about Trump increase in the general public, Schmooker’s assertion of Trump is opportunistic, to candid. Schmooker begins his piece by noting the difference from Trump and his opponents in the presidential race. (citation) Noting much of Trumps appreciation from voters was dependent on him being …show more content…
Donald Trump is not only a harmful aspect to our country, but also some of the freedoms and options we have available to us a citizens here in America. Trump characterizes the Mexicans in our midst as criminals, even though the data shows and proves their crime rate is lower than that of our native-born population. This is all led to be false not only from the data proving this aspect of his thoughts wrong, but why would someone who is here illegally cause problems that could result in them being returned back to their country. Here in America they are given a job to work to create an income that they are able to send home to help feed their families. Also stating that in one of his powerful speeches the Hispanics “love” him; but polls show the opposite. All specifically because he wants to send those who aren’t born here in America back to eliminate those from coming into the country illegally, but doing so it’s not going to change what is occurring. Trump has this motive in himself that makes himself feel as if he is loved by all voters, but truly has an aspect inside of him that draws voters away from him in dramatic ways. For me the factor of changing his position in certain subjects creates a part inside of me that dislikes the ways in which Trump proceeds to take subjects into certain ways. Donald Trump running for presidency here in America has many with high expectations of him where other feel there is nothing going to be accomplish from this man if elected into office. Trump faces the factor in which he is different than those who are his opponents in the presidential race where he says what he thinks, and he means what he says. But falling in certain aspect in some having different feelings towards his position in presidency here in

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