Donald Trump: Illegal Immigration In The United States

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The results election of 2016, has shocked many citizens in the United States. It is incredible how Donald Trump was able to win the election, after everyone thought he was just fooling around. He has caught so much attention to the media, which has helped him increase more supporters. Nonetheless, half of the United States remains unsatisfied with the results for not many people went to vote and acted wisely. Because of this, America will be stuck with a president that will pass laws that will/will not benefit the public.
Illegal Immigration is a major socio-political issue the United States will face into this new Presidential Administration. Trump has criminalized Mexicans and Hispanics for he wants a drastic change in the United States to be able to “make
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As a result, this caused the separation of states in the United States. In that case, today there is a slim possibility of getting states separated, due to the unsatisfactory results of the election of 2016. Donald Trump, seemed like a joke to society because his arguments against Hillary were a bit childish. Now, he is the president of the election of 2016. Many citizens feel shocked and scared, for it has brought racism again. Mexican-Americans and Hispanics are getting attack by Trump supporters with harsh comments, such as telling them to go back to their country. Minorities are now at a disadvantage, for they are being criminalized with biased facts. According to history, the electoral college were the only ones to elect the president to avoid having uneducated people voting corrupt candidates. Nonetheless, every male and female citizen has earn their right to vote, and to avoid any more mistakes the public must have a good communication and comprehension. President Trump is the person who George Washington would feel threat of, for Washington warned the public to avoid electing people who might make the United States fall

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