Essay on Ancient World History And History

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2200 BCE China’s Xia Dynasty rises Minoan society rise
2000 BCE Indo Europeans began to build settlements in the Italian peninsula A sophisticated society of Minoans arose from the island of Crete
1800 BCE Bronze metallurgy brought by the Etruscans in Rome
1766 BCE Xia Dynasty decline China’s Shang Dynasty rises
1628 BCE Volcanic eruption on the island of Thera destroyed almost everything
1600 BCE Mycenaean society rises Mycenaeans began trade with Minoans and learned about writing and large scale construction Cretans established colonies on Cyprus and islands in the Aegean Sea to mine copper
1500 BCE Aryans migrate into India and establish subcontinents throughout the areas Gandhara Civilization rises Start of Vedic Age
1450 BCE Minoan society decline due to invaders Crete falls under foreign domination
1200 BCE Mycenaeans in conflict with Troy Homer writes The Iliad about the Trojan War
1122 BCE Shang Dynasty decline Zhou Dynasty rises
1100 BCE Mycenaean society decline Zhou Dynasty script created
1000 BCE Iron metallurgy mastered Medes and Persians migrate to Persia from central Asia
Aryans expanded into the Ganges Valley
Beginning of formations of regional kingdoms in northern India
930 BCE Hebrew kingdom of David and Solomon falls
900 BCE Iron metallurgy first used in Rome Rig Veda was written
850 BCE Medes migrates from Asia into Iran
800 BCE Greeks used Phoenician alphabet to create one of their own Poleis were emerging…

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