Anatomy And Constructed Purpose : The Fragility Of Modern Life And How People Disregard The Natural Progressions Of Existence

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Anatomy and Constructed Purpose: The Fragility of Modern Life and How People Disregard the Natural Progressions of Existence in White Noise
Works considered satire are categorized in such a manner because of their use of irony and exaggeration in conveying messages that are critical of certain aspects of life or society as a whole. It can be difficult to distinguish between conventional and satirical novels if the absurdities the author intends to critique are presented in a subtle tone. An example of a novel that is subjectively a mockery of contemporary American life is Don Delillo’s White Noise. While the main characters of the book made be interpreted as arrogant and unintelligent by some readers, a non-literal look at the work can bring up questions regarding humanity. Often works utilizing this type of humor will make fun of something without suggesting any ways to change it. Messages concerning consumerism and human consciousness can be seen through the novel’s structure and language. While White Noise does not state directly how to change ravenous consumption, it allows the possibilities for readers to think about issues such as the impact of human technology on natural surrounds, a constant need for simulation, and how humans fear of events that occur naturally and universally.
The Airborne Toxic Event is the plot point from White Noise that has created the most lasting impact. Its importance to the story is demonstrated by its isolation from the other parts of a…

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