Analyzing The Results Of My Interviews Essay

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Results - Qualitative In order to analyze the results of my interviews, I coded all interview questions based on similarities from my transcripts and notes with different colored highlighters and post-it notes. The majority of my interviewees all had similar responses to many of the questions. The research began with the first question that asked all four participants to remember their individual times as college students and if they would change they way they handled their academics. Two out of the four participants answered that they would not change much because everything happened for a reason. The third participant was a female and answered indifferently, stating that she did not care in changing her ways because the consequences would be greater down the line. The last participant answered that he would completely change his ways and avoid social events and focus more on his academics. The second question that was asked to the participants was what they enjoyed from their profession. Each participant answered differently. The first participant answered that she enjoys the freedom that her job gives her. The second participant answered that he enjoys using his skills daily to enhance the company that he works for. The third participant answered that she enjoys working with likeminded individuals who have good intentions. The fourth participant answered that he enjoys feeling comfortable in his work environment. The third question that was asked to the participants was…

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