Essay about Analyzing The Events You Observed, Or What Happened?

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Anecdotal Notes (Summary of the events you observed, or what happened)
The children two youngest children (ages 2 & 3 ¾ ) was being pushed in a stroller, the other child (age 5) was walking next to his parents. They visited every attraction and animals that they could on the trip. During the first part of my three-hour observation the family walked up to the section of the zoo were there were different kinds of farm animals, such as ponies, sheep, donkeys, goats, pigs, rabbits, and guinea pigs. As the family approached the animals the youngest child pointed at the goat and said, “horsie”. The mom, who was pushing the stroller, bent down to take the child out of the stroller and said, “ No baby, that’s a goat not a horsie. Can you say goat?” The child looked at her and made an attempt to say goat. Then the dad said, “Do you want to see a pony? That’s a small horsie.” The child nodded and the other two children also agreed.
During the second part of my observation I was able to observe a more intimate interaction with the five-year-old child and the father. As they were transitioning from one exhibit to another the oldest child was in such a hurry to get to the next place that he did not realize his shoe was untied. The father, who was a few feet behind him, called his name and told him to slow down. The child stopped and waited for his father to catch up. When the father got closer he said, “Oh no, your shoe is untied. Do you want to tie it or would you like me to do it?”…

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