Wheelhouse Talks By Mike Janderno Lecture Analysis

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On November 13, 2015 I went to a Wheelhouse Talks featuring Mike Jandernoa. The lecture was held in the Charles Loosemore Auditorium in the Richard Devos Hall. Mike Jandernoa talked about his experiences as a CEO of Perrigo, a pharmaceutical company in Holland, Michigan. Mike became CFO in 1979 when it was just a small local company. Throughout his time there, the company has become a global company, growing from 300 employees to 1400 employees. During the lecture the one overarching theme that Mike discussed was a key to the success of the company was to enable all employees to be the best they can be. Perrigo grew to a global corporation by allowing all of their employees to make a difference in the company. Three ways that Mike felt was …show more content…
Throughout the lecture Mike discussed that helping employees to be the best that they can be will help the company grow. This means that as a leader, you must help employees identify who they are and their role in the corporation. When given the right amount of education, a person can gain the knowledge that is critical in generating ideas to increase productivity of the company. Often times, many people find out who they are through the work that they do. If they are productive and seek for quality and excellence, that directly reflects themselves and their work ethic. Mike believed that everyone should be the best that they can be because it is one of the keys to success in the workforce, as well as in everyday life. I also found that this lecture can be applied to my life as well. As an employee of Staples, it is important for me to do the best work I can every day to increase the productivity of the company. Mike also taught me that I should voice my opinion when I have ideas or questions. I have learned that the most successful businesses empower their employees to make decisions and be their very best. I believe that my identity can be found and shaped in my job. As a copy and print associate, I strive to do the highest quality work I can in every order I produce and then I take that idea and apply it to my life as well. For example, I do my best in every assignment I receive. I would agree with Mike that it is important to push your employees to do their greatest work and put in a large effort every day in order to grow the company and grow as an

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