Analysis of Toyota Corporation (Swot, Pestle) Essay

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The popular saying that goes, 'no man is an island', does not only apply to humans but can also be attributed to the business world. In order to remain active and competitive, an organisation needs to take into account, not only internal processes but also look into consideration its external environment. Factors such as competitors,new rules and regulations,changing marketplace, changing workforce and other related factors that have direct impact on the existence of the business must be seen as a crucial factor to the organisation.

A business environment encompasses those factors outside the normal business activities of an organisation but directly affects its decisions and is uncontrollable by the organisation. A
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It is currently ranked number two after Toyota in the auto industry with a market share of about 13.4%.

Founded in 1908 by the great automobile industrialist, Mr Henry Ford, the Ford car company is a global automobile company which deals in two core business: automobile and financial services. Its financial services include leasing, insurance, car rentals and warranties while its automobile unit focuses more on handling design, development, manufacture, sale and service of cars, truck and service parts.

The company experienced some major challenges in 2002 as some of their vehicles were recalled due to faulty tyres, their poor performance in 2008 also was evident in their huge financial losses and loss of high credit ratings by Moody and Standards and Poor. This put the company as a risk as their share price were at fairly high risk.

The company resort to restructuring in order to reposition itself as a domestic automobile leader in the United States of America. Presently, it is ranked number three in the auto industry with a market share of about 11%.

HONDA: Formerly known for their design in motorcycles, Honda has evolved into a world leader in automobile. The company has a reputation of high quality auto-mobile vehicles and motorcycles. This is attributed to the reliability and efficiency of their auto products.

The auto company currently

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