Analysis Of The Serial Shooter: Dale Hausner And Samuel Dieteman

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The Serial Shooter: Dale Hausner and Samuel Dieteman Beginning in 2005, Phoenix, Arizona was at the mercy of two serial killers. It was rare for Phoenix to have one serial killer, much less two. One of these killers was dubbed “The Serial Shooter”. The identity of the serial shooter is now known: Dale Hausner began committing the murders individually, and later added a partner, Samuel Dieteman, who was his roommate. Both men were in their 30s and single. The Serial Shooter terrorized the Phoenix area for over a year before the two men were caught. Detectives and police were baffled at first, and it took a while for them to realize that the shootings were connected. Their hunting ground was in the Phoenix Suburb of Mesa, Arizona (Hewitt et …show more content…
In the episode “Phoenix Serial Shooter: Dale Hausner” Dale’s brother, Randy, discusses his brother and the case (Evashwick, 2015). Growing up, Dale was the youngest sibling and had 4 older brothers. He had aspirations of becoming a boxing promoter when he was younger. The Hausner family struggled with financial hardships, they were not very well-off. However, the kids weren’t aware of their parents’ struggles with money. According to Randy, Dale was a happy kid, and the two of them got along well. Alone time was very important to Dale, and he loved boxing. Randy explains that when Dale would practice boxing, he would talk to the punching bag as if it were a real person (Evashwick, 2015). Randy had a hard time believing that his brother was guilty until he found Dale’s journal. In it, Dale writes “my one passion was destroying things (as a child)” (Evashwick, 2015). Dale writes about disturbing behavior in his childhood such as stealing and setting fires (Evashwick, 2015). In this journal, Dale writes about alarming incidents in his childhood. He describes shooting birds with bb guns. He would also put birds in a shoe box and proceed to microwave them. If they somehow survived this, he would torture them to death (Evashwick,

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