Serial Killers: The Story Of Fred And Rosemary West

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Fred and Rosemary West

“Though serial killers only make up for one percent of murders, nearly a dozen account for one hundred murders annually” (“Serial Killers”). It is often asked what possesses someone to rape, torture , and murder other people.”To answer this question, studies have shown due to these sexual desires and the need to fulfill their arousing fantasies it often drives these individuals to murder those who are complete strangers” “Serial Killers:Nature vs Nurture”. “Rosemary and her husband Fred West were accused of murdering ten women and young girls over a sixteen year period ending in 1987” (“The Story of Fred and Rosemary West”). Even though there is no clinical diagnosis of mental illness recorded, there were multiple factors,
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“Soon Rosemary became pregnant with Fred’s child, Rose found herself also looking after Fred’s two other children by Rena Costello” “Crime and Investigation”. “She gave birth to Heather in 1970 while West was in prison for petty theft” “Crime and Investigation”.” Rose was very violent while taking care of the children and would have violent outbursts” “Crime and Investigation”. “It is believed that Rose killed Charmanie, West’s oldest daughter while he was in prison” “Crime and Investigation”. “Rena came in search of her daughter, she was killed and dismembered and again the fingers and toes were removed before disposal of the body” “Crime and Investigation”. “Fred and Rose were married in Gloucester in June 1972, and their second daughter named Mae was born that same year” “Crime and Investigation”. “Rose would earn extra money as a prostitute, Fred would often watch” “Crime and Investigation”. “Fred exercised his unsustainable appetite for bondage and violent sex acts on underaged girls” “Crime and Investigation”. “He fitted out the cellar at No.25 as a torture chamber , and his daughter eight year old Ann Marie became one of its first occupants, subjected to a horrifically brutal rape by her father while her stepmother held her down” “Crime and Investigation”. …show more content…
“ Serial killers are masters at disguising their emotions and thoughts letting them blend into society” “Serial Killers:Nature vs Nurture”. “Magicians of death, serial killers give a false sense of security by tricking their victims with offers of interest” “Serial Killers:Nature vs Nurture”. Fred and Rosemary blended into society by offering their victims babysitting jobs and rides to where they needed to go. “Serial killers are often influenced by the culture that they are surrounded by, those who can affect their thought do not have control over their reactions to ideas that are apart of their DNA” “Serial Killers:Nature vs Nurture”. Being apart of their DNA, like schizophrenia, a wide ranging and often misdiagnosed mental illness” “Dangerous Mind : Mental Illness of Infamous Criminals”. “For example, Rosemary’s father was a paranoid schizophrenic and her mother suffered from depression” “The Making of a Monster”. “Most serial killers do not have an education past that of high school” “Serial Killers:Nature vs Nurture”. This fact connects to Fred West leaving school to go to work instead.” Only sixteen percent of nearly one hundred and seven serial killers of those, only four percent actually graduated” “Serial Killers:Nature vs

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