Analysis Of The Poem ' The Yellow Sky ' Essay

2088 Words Jan 10th, 2015 9 Pages
“Jacob?” a quite, petite voice said. The white light was streaming in through my eyelids. My eyes opened, to see the bluest sky I had ever seen. Clouds floated in the air so beautifully, almost as if they were dancers on stage. As oxygen flooded into my lungs, I instantly felt rejuvenated and healed in places I didn’t even know was broken. I was laying in a field of grass, completely content with where I was. The grass was soft, almost as soft as a pillow. I was on a slight hill, with shade coming down over me by a neighboring flowering cherry tree. The tree was covered in beautiful pink flowers. “Jacob, can you hear me?” the petite voice said again. I sat up, looking towards the voice. It was Jessa. “Jessa?” I said in a shocked tone. How was she alive? I was just trying to escape her funeral, trying to run away from the pain and the loss of her. The last time I saw her, she was in a white lace dress in a beautiful lined casket. “What’s going on?” “I need an escort to the gates of Heaven,” Jessa said, her smile creeping across her face. She looked so happy, no longer in pain, almost like the cancer had never taken over her entire body. Her blue eyes were piercing right at me, just as they had before she got sick. Her blonde hair had returned to its long and wavy shape down her back, instead of the loose fluff it had once been. She was bare footed, wearing the same white lace dress I saw her in the casket. That dress made her look like an angel. She was practically…

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