Analysis Of The Poem ' Rain 's Rustle ' Essay

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Leonid Afremov’s painting, Rain’s Rustle, oil paint is used to create scenery of a rainy night in a city. Towards the center of the picture, there is a couple holding an umbrella walking with their backs to the viewer down a pathway that has trees that form a canopy over it. There are street lights down the sides of the sidewalk. There is a large bench towards the bottom right of the painting that is on the sidewalk. In the panting, it is raining and there are puddles on the side walk. The puddles on the sidewalk reflect the light from the light posts and the colors from the hovering trees. The colors in the trees range from bright yellows to deep reds. In the painting, the sky behind the trees involves mostly cool blues and greens.

In Rain’s Rustle, Afremov uses light and color to create a warm autumn feeling for the viewer. The painting is made up of large impasto dots that have visual texture. There is contrast created between the different dots in the picture. There are dots that are for light created by the light posts, dots that are the darkness from the night sky, and dots that are the colors from the autumn tree leaves. Afremov uses both primary and secondary colors. The colors in the painting are very saturated and vibrant. The lines in the painting are mainly curved. The sidewalk path reaches towards the center of the paper as a curved line to give the illusion of distance, which creates space in the painting. The trees on both sides of the path are made with…

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