Analysis Of The Poem ' Crucible ' Essay

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CPT Samuel O. Fadare III L200 Essay-Crucible Experience

Granting someone the ability to gain insight into the complexities of a singular moment in time that was a key transformational experience takes courage especially if that event was associated with weakness or failure. On the flipside however, is the opportunity to overcome those fears of exposure by being open and candid with oneself, with hopes that something from the experience can be analyzed and used to not only gain self-awareness but be used as an example or a cautionary tale for others, whether as the protagonist, antagonist or supplementary character.
As I thought about my event, something I heard years ago came to mind, wheat people and rice people, I hope that in this stream of consciousness I will shed light onto how I overcame a significant challenge, furthermore how I will use this experience to influence others an organizational-level leader as I intertwine my crucible with lessons learned.
I am not an agronomist but, living in Kansas and working on farms during summer break while in high school, I learned a thing or two. Wheat is a relatively simple crop to grow. You plant it, water it, and with little tending it will grow. The Army over the past two years has begun a marketing campaign of “winning in a complex world” and promoting a culture that encourages, breeds and applauds individualism. Rice is an entirely different breed. Rice is a more difficult crop. It needs to be constantly attended to, and…

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