Essay Analysis Of The Narrative ' A Mother 's Tongue '

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In high school my teachers did not really pay attention to grammar instead they paid attention to content.I always thought I was a strong writer, but when I got to college I realized my grammatical skills were lacking.We did not really write that much papers , most of our writing was for the last exams.My writing has improved a little with the skills I learned in ENG101.Although some of skills I learned a in high school and got some training , I was able to really use those skills in my college writing.I learned many skills from this class that will improve my writing .

The narrative essay was the first essay we had to write for ENG101, that was to see what our strength and weakness are in writing Then came the Summary for “A mother’s tongue” , which at first was kind of difficult because it is not a retelling of the plot but explained the message the story is trying send the reader. That piece took some time to write because when I first wrote the piece I was retelling the plot. I learned how to actually summarize a piece and not in high school where I would just retell the plot of the story.Next was the compare and contrast essay .We had to use a two topics from our major and explain the similarities and differences of the topics. I had to do compare and contrast essay on the english regents, It was fairly easy to write that essay because I had done it before and it was on topics of my major.I had to remember that I was not timed unlike the regents so I could really…

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