Analysis Of The Movie ' Where Johnny Farrell ' Essay

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We can see this especially in very beginning of the film, where Johnny Farrell is taken away by Ballen’s bodyguard to Ballen’s office. At that scene, Johnny gets hit right in the stomach by Ballen’s bodyguard Casey for cheating in Ballen’s casino, even though Ballen has previously told him not to do so. As he gets hit, the camera zooms in to medium close up shots with a slightly high angle on the ground level portraying how he gets hit and how painfully he feels. He crawls and bends over on the floor due to the pain of getting hit. Then, after a jump cut of Ballen standing at the door, with medium long shots, the scene is now cut back to Johnny. In this scene, we can only see Johnny through the crotch of Casey’s trousers. Here is where we can see Johnny is depicted as the less powerful character. As the plot develops, when Gilda is brought back by the detective to the room in the hotel where Johnny sits there waiting for her. The same technique is used to portray Gilda as she crawls and bends over on the floor. When it’s portraying and picturing Gilda, the camera uses a high angle close up shots, but as soon as the camera angle shifts to Johnny, the Camera angle shifts to low angle close up shots. Now, in both plot and cinematic techniques, Johnny is the more powerful figure. In plots, he controls her freedom in a way she doesn’t even realize. Technically, whenever portraying Johnny, the director always uses the low angle shots to make his figure look bigger, just like how…

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