Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Spiderman '

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In the movie Spiderman, the protagonist Peter Parker is a geeky, introverted, intelligent high school boy who gets bit by an engineered spider during a field trip to a lab. After the biting of the spider, Parker turns into a stronger and confident person who possesses spider-like qualities. Throughout the movie it is clear Spiderman’s legacy is that he wishes to protect civilians, he can be considered as a superhero vigilante or be considered as a criminal. Parker develops super speed, strength, mental acumen, agility, increased control over the five senses after being bit by the spider. The rationale that is being investigated is whether bioengineering humans can produce a new stronger, faster, intelligent, human race and what methods can possibly create a super human.
A genetically altered human with animal DNA can be referred to as a Chimera, Chimera referring to the term that originated from Greek mythology meaning a human with a lion head, goat’s body, and a snake tail. This term Chimera is used to describe a human with animal like qualities, in many ways Spiderman can be considered to be a Chimera. He is a human who was altered by 15 different spider DNA’s. Since the 1950’s humans have been using animal organs to replace their failed organs, yet they take numerous precautions and tests so that the body does not reject the animal organ. So when considering if animal DNA can be spliced into human DNA to create a superhuman, it raises many questions; is it possible and…

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