Disability Or Enhancement Essay

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Essay #2: Disability or Enhancement? In this essay, I will argue that Gauvin’s parents were not morally justified in their decision to permanently make their son born and remain deaf because by doing so the parents are treating the child as a lesser equal and are inflicting psychological harm. The role of parents is to ensure the wellbeing, safety, and support of their child in hopes that they can become stable, independent, and functional individuals in the near future. However, choosing a sperm donor with a history of deafness or any other disabilities is morally unjust because it is specifically taking a trait and implanting it upon a child causing them a life of hardships that they have to endure.
My first argument, I will use Kant’s categorical imperative which are always treating a person as an end and never as a means. As a result, the moment Gauvin’s parents selected a sperm donor with a history of deafness. They treated their child as a lesser equal and denied him the freedom of choice because of the fact that Gauvin is a minor and is
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However, a distinction needs to be made between “enhancement” and “disability,” especially when it comes to deafness within children. In the eyes of the parents (who both happen to be deaf), they genuinely believe that if their child is born with the same traits as the parents such as deafness or blindness, it will improve the quality or even value of their child. However, I would argue that it was in the parent’s self interest when selecting trait for their child that the intent was for a good cause, but the end result is that it is inflicting harm to their child which have repercussions that can have an impact on the child who is suffering from this

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