Benefits Of Nanotechnology Pros And Cons

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“They didn 't understand what they were doing. I 'm afraid that will be on the tombstone of the human race” (Crichton 504). The expansion of science and research is a beneficial aspect of humanity as cures for diseases, food growth, and national/international security, can be discovered, solved, and utilized by furthering technological research. Having nanoids being used to heal serious injuries, curing major diseases instantly, or even having them maintain national security, may seem like revolutionary innovation, or science fiction, however, the possibility of some scientific or technological mishap is not completely out of the question. The stability of nature may be disturbed as the influence of technology and man can upset the natural progression of evolution and genetics. In addition, the consequences of creating such technology can create long-term negative effects that may have no solutions, such as environmental, political, and biological issues. In the novel Prey, the technological innovations of nanotechnology have led to unprecedented results that have created numerous disasters and tragedies, such as death, …show more content…
Even though nanotechnology may be highly advanced in Prey, the ability to cure life-threatening diseases, increase medical productivity, and to improve the lives of those who are downtrodden by illnesses/disabilities, are occurring in today’s time, which is nothing short of a miracle. Consequently, with all of these benefits, come some concerns. When nanotechnology is produced, are the means of which nanotechnology is produced safe enough for human contact? Is the emissions/waste from factories being disposed or treated properly? Lastly, if nanotechnology is the way of the future, will it become a new way of life of future generations? Will genetic enhancement be the norm of society? Is manipulating nature to one’s will a crime against

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