Genetic Engineering Dbq Essay

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Imagine this; a world where no one has lifelong infections or medical conditions. This might be made possible soon; however, some are afraid that parents will take it too far. With enough money, they could transform their babies to be intelligent and good looking. In my opinion, genetic engineering should be allowed, but restrictions should be in place to stop parents from making super babies. Genetic engineering is the purposeful changing of an organism's DNA. It can be used in ways that could end diseases, infections, or diseased genes (Doc 3). This means that Alzheimer's and many similar things could end or not be as bad (Doc. 3). Also, people that experience a lot of pain might have a way out. This escape is found by the mutated gene …show more content…
First, scientists would have a lot of power when deciding the features of the baby (Doc. 1). Equally, they would probably test ideas on babies thinking it would be a good idea (Doc. 1). Additionally, people who have the mutated gene of PRDM12 might not be able to protect themselves from danger (Doc. 2). This means they could burn their hand and not even notice until it is too late (Doc. 2). Furthermore, parents who are wealthy enough could transform their baby to be superior to others (Doc. 3). The parents could do this by making child smarter or blonde hair with blue eyes (Doc. 3). To stop parents or scientist to who want to change the baby in unnecessary ways, rules should be added that could limit this from occurring. One way we could do this is to make a company who will monitor genetic engineering (OI). Moreover, parents would have to tell the company they are genetically engineering their baby before they do it (OI). To sum it up, limitations should be made, or genetic engineering could get out of hand really quick. To recap, genetic engineering should have restrictions but be allowed. In the case of serious medical conditions, genetic engineering should be used to alleviate human suffering; however, it should not be allowed when people want to make a baby that is seemingly perfect. To wrap it up, parents who want to change their baby should be able

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