Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Documentary Summary

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1. To say the least, the Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret documentary was very eye opening when considering how or when to eat meat products to ensure a better future for other generations. At the beginning, there was confusion, because I did not know that raising cattle had such a negative affect on our lives. However, the cogitation behind killing animals for food causes over 50% carbon dioxide pollution is astonishing to me. When the narrator encountered companies to gain new perspectives, I soon became to realize why this was the first time of me hearing such statistics. Many people did not want to go into detail about what could be shortening our living environment, because they would become susceptible to being on the wrong end of a homicide. The young man, who started his journey of getting the companies to own up to the truth, showed patience and persistence even though the interviewees where stating what we hear the most. Eventually the narrator became joyful when people stopped hiding the information about cattle destroying us, however both parties considered the consequences of speaking on the …show more content…
How do you not believe everything you read or hear when society affects our belief system? I never imagined that cooking a hamburger could consume gallons of water in one sitting. Or how much land grazing takes up in this world. All I have ever known is the bad affects of car pollution and the reason for recycling. It’s hard to jump from one idea to another, but this is what I find myself doing. Before viewing Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret I would have thought everything is fine, now I consider how I have contributed to the downfall of our environment. It has made me rethink Taco Tuesday! The interviews convinced me that cattle are the reason for carbon dioxide in the air, because there was a lot of deflecting when the statistics came up in question. Wouldn’t you be suspicious when multiple people refuse to answer a question that seems

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