Analysis Of The Hero's Journey By Joseph Campbell

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Joseph Campbell, was an American mythological researcher, who is most famous for this book, “The Hero with a Thousand Faces.” In this widely known book, he discovered that there are many common patterns that hero myths have. This hero story telling phenomenon was present in myths from all over the world and from different cultures. The heroes in these stories go through several steps to get victory in the end. Campbell called this the Hero’s Journey.
From one of the most popular movie series, George Lucas's Star Wars films, to Disney films, to Stephen King’s horror books, they all follow a similar pattern when it comes to the heroes of their stories. One of the biggest movies out right now is a movie adaptation of Stephen King’s famous book,
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Usually there is a discovery, some type of event, or some danger that starts them on the heroic path. Heroes may find a mystic object or discover their world is in danger. In some cases, heroes happen upon their quest by accident.
Although Bill lost his brother Georgie a year prior he has never given hope that his brother is alive and just somewhere in the sewers. Of course, his friends try and be hopeful for Bill, but it’s clear to see they believe he might be dead. During the time Georgie disappeared, many more disappearances of children in the area occurred. Bill had been trying to figure out Derry’s sewer system, trying to find where Georgie could have ended up. Bill and his friends travel to where the sewer system ends, and they discovered the shoe of one of the missing children. To me, this might be the call to adventure. As they now know this is where the missing kids end up, Bill also has newly found hope that this might be where his little brother is.

Refusal of the
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Mike was one of the only black kids that lived in Derry. He was also home schooled so he did not have friends. One day, he was nearly cut up from the same bullied that terrorize Bill and his group of friends. They come into Mike’s defense by throwing rocks and the bullies and making them feel powerless. Here, it is seen that the helper, Mike was helped by the kids too. Mike was told stories about how the town was cursed and something dark lived in Derry. Ben was a new kid in their school, who was also terrorized by the same bullies. When Ben was beaten up by the bullies, he ran from them. BIll and his friends helped him hide and get away from them. Ben was the one who truly uncovered the pattern of what was going on in Derry, which lead to the knowledge of where it resides. Bev went to their school as well, she was also bullied by the popular girls, so she also fell into the outsider title like other kids. She was one of the bravest of them all, she encourage the boys to not be scared, as through the story she was not scared of the clown, The helpers in this story, were also

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