Analysis Of The Book ' Thom Rainier Winner Of The Grand Tourney '

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“Thom Rainier winner of the Grand Tourney,” Ciara Adaar’s said. Her voice was loud, crisp and clear.
Blackwall turned in time to catch the apple that she had aimed at his head.
“My Lady I--”
“You told me that story when we first arrived at Skyhold. How you and the Chevalier held off all comers and you became Champion.” She folded her arms across her chest and leant against one of the barns wooden pillars.
Blackwall’s chin lifted, his posture straightened. “I did, yes.”
“Except you were Thom Rainier then, not Blackwall. Someone might have figured you out. I could have figured it out if I wasn’t--”. She hesitated before continuing. “Tell me, what year was it, that you became Champion?”
He coughed nervously, “The year -- a while ago.”
“U-huh.” She held her hand out for the apple.
He placed it gently in her hand, “I didn’t lie about that.”
“I know you didn’t,” she said before taking a large bite.
He stared at her and shifted uneasily from foot to foot, not knowing what she was thinking was going to be the death of him. They had reconciled after judgment, but since then she had tiptoed -- no -- she had avoided him -- for weeks. They had kissed only once, in her apartments two weeks after judgment, where she had cried and held his hand so tight that it later formed a bruise.
It was noticed by all that she was not favouring him, that she was holding him at arm’s length. She had not taken him with her in the field, and had barely spoken with him when she was in…

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