Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' The Girl With Bangs '

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The first sentence that Zadie Smith states in her short story “The Girl with Bangs,” simply says “I fell in love with a girl once. (Smith, 188)”. That sentence should signify that someone fell in love with a girl with bangs, but that is an understatement. Should he have fallen in love with this girl? This story tells you how he fell in love with the girl and her characteristics and her quirks, some time ago. This girl changed his view on girls and people in general. Having the story placed in England gives the characters, or at least Charlotte, an authentic hippie feel. The main character in the story is a college student who never thought that he would find anybody who he could keep long enough; only because he thought that people are a bore, that they never have anything to interesting to say. Once he lays his eyes upon Charlotte, the main character who is not named in the story, and her bangs, he finally changes his very narrow mind about females; he finally sets his mind to Charlotte. Is that where he should have stopped upon “liking” her? Maybe. Charlotte is a mystery, hiding behind the bangs that fall into her eyes. His initial thought of her is that she was good news, like sweet cherries, something real sweet. He has never dated anyone, should she be the first? Once he decides he wants to pursue and get to know Charlotte, he quickly finds that she is seeing a Belgian who lived across the hall in the college dormitories. The first time he sets his eyes on Charlotte,…

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