Analysis Of The Book ' Fine ' Essay

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fine. He’s probably just fighting afternoon traffic,” Jonathan said with a smile. “I…hope so. Jonathan, it’s not like him to be late. I just hope everything is ok,” Ruth said as she walked back into house. Becky had already begun setting the table when her mama walked back into kitchen. Ruth phoned one of Carl’s college friends to check on when he left college. She hung up phone when Becky walked in from dining room. “Mama, is everything ok? You look worried,” Becky stood watching her mama. “I’m worried Becky, just spoke with one of Carl’s friends and they said he left college early this morning. He should have been here by now. Dade State University isn’t that far. I know if he’s gonna be late he usually calls me,” Ruth said with puzzled look on her face. “I’m sure he’s alright mama, let get these rolls out of oven. Stop worrying, Carl will be here soon. Come on,” Becky put her arm around her mama and gave her a hug.

“Lenny, hey it’s Carl. I know you won’t believe this, but I just had crazy deer run out in front of my car…” Carl continued to talking, “Yeah, I hit him straight on. Tore entire front end of my car up…yeah I’m ok. Wrecker is here now; think you can come get me? I’m gonna call mama now and let her know I’ll be little late. Ok bye…” Carl hung up and walked back over to driver of the wrecker to sign paperwork. The driver helped Carl take out his boxes and various stuff from his car, as Lenny pulled up behind wrecker and Carl’s car. “Boy, that deer sure did…

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