Analysis Of The Book ' Bastian ' Essay

833 Words Oct 28th, 2015 4 Pages
Bastian has grown and developed in a normal fashion. He no longer is mean to other and is not a leader like before. He is more independent and prefers to do things on his own. He is smart and enjoys school. Bastian has an interest in science and does very well in it. He also plays sports and plays with his sister.
Bastian is a very active person. He is always running around and enjoys to learn. He loves science so I signed him up for science camps that were offered at the local college. He loves going to them and talks about new things he learns when he goes. He looks forward to going to the science camps, he also enjoys playing soccer and baseball. Bastian is on a team and I help out by being the assistant coach. He plays every day either with his teammates and friends or with me. He continues to stay active and is engaged in activities that help him learn off his interests.
Bastian continues to improve in many different areas. His language has improved significantly, he speaks fluently with correct wording and grammar. Bastian is above average when it comes to his communication skills. Bastian’s memory skills have improved, he is able to beat me when we play memory games, he no longer cheats to win he will remember where a lot of the matching cards are. He does however forget details when telling about his day, I ask him questions and he answers back in full sentences but will leave out details. He does feel more comfortable coming and talking…

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