Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' 1984 ' By George Orwell

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1984 by George Orwell tells the story of Winston a man who lives in the province of Airstrip one ,formally known as Great Britain .Winston works for the English Socialist Party (Ingsoc) head by Big Brother, at the Records Department in the Ministry of Truth where he distorts the archives as mandated by the Ingsoc. Winston being a member of the opposing party, the Outer Party, knows the intention of Ingsoc is to intruded on the rights of the citizens to have supreme control. To ease his frustration he decides to write a diary, an act the seen in greatest offense and is punishable by death.
One day Winston gets the attention of O 'Brien, whom he believes to be someone he can trust. He also catches attention of a woman, Julia, from the Fiction Department, whom he believes is there to turn him in for his radical thinking. A few days later, Julia,gives him a message that reads, "I love you." Winston does all he can to meet up with Julia. When they are finally able to be together Julia draws up a complicated plan whereby they can be alone. Having the chance to be alone Winston begin to coordinate their mission against Big Brother . Winston is able to find an open room above a shop where he and Julia can hide together. Winston and Julia fall in love with each other very quickly. With the foundation of their love based on their hatred for Big Brother , they knew that someday they would be caught, they believe though that love and loyalty they feel for each other could…

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