The Great Gatsby Symbolism Essay

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“A symbol is an object, character, figure or color that is used to represent an abstract idea or concept” (Oxford Dictionary). Authors often use symbols and metaphors throughout their novel in order to add depth and meaning to stories. It is a common technique that allows the author to further foretell and capture the important elements of the story without directly telling it. F. Scott Fitzgerald uses numerous symbols throughout The Great Gatsby to highlight key ideas and contract places, all in which reinforce the message of the novel. The author’s use of symbolism and metaphoric language is clearly evident from beginning until end as it portrays the belief of characters and the seasonal setting, such as the use of summer and fall which helps …show more content…
Scott Fitzgerald uses the literary technique of symbolism to reflect what life in the 1920 's was like. Through Fitzgerald 's use of symbolism it highlights the theme of time, shows character significance and develops the plot. He uses symbols to criticize humanity and American society in multiple ways as the story points out the dangers of unrealistic and unworthy dreams. Fitzgerald shows the corruption of wealth as Gatsby seems to live in a dream-like existence, trying to achieve the impossible. He rises to the top of society in a dishonest way and earns his fortune through illegal activities, as he attempts to erase five years from not only his own life but also Daisy 's. Essentially the green light, which is mentioned several times throughout the novel, serves as a symbol of money and envy, in which Gatsby strives and hopes to obtain. The weather and car also play a role in the story as it develops the plot and reveals the upcoming tension in the novel. Fitzgerald’s way of incorporating the car symbolizes the human desire to escape from life as it is illustrated when Tom and Myrtle secretly escape into the city from their real lives. Nonetheless, the world is a heartless place where dreams are shattered while the undeserving get what they want in life, as they have money to return to. Society even encourages the idea of cheating, stealing and lying in order to get ahead of others, which is clearly illustrated through the characters in The Great

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