Analysis Of The Article ' Organ Sales Will Save Lives ' Essay

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Illegal to Save Lives
“The boundaries which divides life from death are the best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins?” – Edgar Allen Poe. One such person, author Joanna Mackay, wrote “Organ Sales Will Save Lives”, written in 2004, and she argues that black market organ sales should be legal so that more lives will be saved. Mackay begins building up her credibility with facts and reputable sources, citing facts and quotes, and also successfully putting in emotional appeals; however towards the end of the article Mackay pulls on the audience heart strings even more and shows credibility. Mackay shows credibility in her article by using pathos, logos, ethos, and anecdote.
In her article, Mackay sets the stage by explaining renal stage kidney disease, then she outlines what the patients go through to try to fight the disease. Mackay explains illegal organ sales and how it puts the donor, doctor, and patients in danger. Mackay goes into detail on why the donor goes through the dangers. MacKay whole argument to this article is that the government should not have this ordeal illegal. The government should make it legal so then it will have less risks for the donor, doctors, and patients.
Throughout her article Mackay uses many strong sources that strengthen her argument and also appeals ethos. These sources include, Michael Finkel, “This Little Kidney Went to Market”, published in the New York Times Magazine in 2001, and Madhav Goyal…

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