Analysis Of The Article ' Let 's Give Up On The Constitution '

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Without it where would we be today in life if it was not for you? What would the outcome be of violence? How would we resolve situations dealing with the government? Does it even bring peace in today’s society? Would we still be allowed to voice our opinions or how we feel? I thank you for the Constitution. What is the constitution? Is the government still allowed to make decisions based on the constitution? Is the constitution keeping the Americans stable? I found myself asking myself these questions when reading the article “Let’s Give Up on the Constitution”. Seidman believes that it is irrational to make modern political decisions based on the views of those who wrote the Constitution, why though? The constitution helps stabilize the Americans without granting chaos. Seidman may feel the Constitution is irrational but I think it is reasonable and reliable. What would the world be like today if the Constitution was not put into place? Who would then take charge of things, the people, the government? The Constitution can be described as the rules and regulations of our government. It is the guidelines of what we can and cannot do, but that does not necessarily mean that it is a bad thing. The Constitution was written in 1787 to let Americans know how the country is forming their government. The Constitution is made up of three branches: the judicial branch, legislative branch and the executive branch. Each branch distributes different powers/rights to the government and…

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