Analysis Of The Article ' Guns A Loaded Argument ' By Paul Rosenzweig

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The article “Guns a Loaded Argument” by Paul Rosenzweig argues his interpretation of the popular controversy over gun laws in the United States. The author Paul Rosenzweig is an adjunct professor of law at George Mason University. He is also the senior legal research colleague in the Center for Legal and Judicial Studies at The Heritage Foundation, the website in which the article is available. The Heritage Foundation is a research and informative institution that publicizes conservative policy topics that support the principle ideas that the foundation stands for. The author has written this article for a mainly conservative audience of readers to allow people more insight into the intricate issues of gun control. Rosenzweig examines the seemingly simple second amendment; that is essentially a complex issue of our society. Rosenzweig asks the question that surrounds the debate, “Does each American citizen have the right to own firearms or not?” and continues with examples of rulings from different U.S. Court of Appeals Circuits. The author carries on with responses for the topic presenting that even some of the highest courts in the nation are not able to reach a similar consensus on the matter. He states that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit believes that each American citizen has the right to own firearms. The author claims the Fifth Circuits justifications of their view stems from citing the Second Amendment as a guarantee that each individual has the…

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