Analysis Of Steve Almond 's ' The Super Bowl ' Essay

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In the essay of Steve Almond “It is Immoral to Watch the Super Bowl,” the author’s argument was very effectively about the causes and the effects on the immorality to watch the Super Bowl. Therefore, Almond expresses fully his point of views very clearly for viewers to understand the reasons football should be outlawed. In fact Almond’s reason for writing this article is to persuade people to show the viewers the under coverage accident that TV doesn’t want you to see about the players nor the negative effect football has on players while playing and after they had played it. In order that, Almond provides some basic facts and details about what football does to the human body so that his argument against football can be understood. As a result, Almond states that medical research has proven that football can cause serious brain injury and concussion to the body, but the NFL is denying the facts that football doesn’t cause no damage, just to make the games protected. Nevertheless, Steve was very open minded, knowledgeable and confident providing his argument against the immoral to watch football

In the article “It is Immoral to Watch the Super Bowl,” Almond argues the immorality of the Super Bowl. When he was a teenager, Almond was so in love with football until an accident that took place in 1978 between Darryl Stingley a wide receiver for the New England Patriots, and Jack Tatum, an Oakland Raider quarterback. In addition to, Stingley got hit lunging for a pass by Jack…

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