Essay on Analysis Of Shakespeare 's ' Julius Caesar '

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Julius Caesar lived long ago but was able to make his mark in history because of the writings of Plutarch and Shakespeare. Plutarch wrote about Caesar using knowledge passed down from past generations, strictly stating what he knew to be the facts. He did not write it as a story to entertain people, rather to inform them on the great Julius Caesar. Shakespeare, on the other hand, wrote his plays to entertain people. Shakespeare based his play off of Plutarch writing while adding his own touch to make the play interesting. He used creative license to fill in the holes and embellish the story. The events in Plutarch 's writing are very similar to Shakespeare 's play, however; the way Mark Antony is portrayed is not as closely related in his writing. Shakespeare based many events off of Plutarch’s writing, following the same story line Plutarch gave. Antony gave his speech, not intending to persuade the audience until he realized his words were swaying their opinions. In the Life of Brutus Plutarch writes, “Antony pronounced the customary eulogy, and when he saw that the multitude were moved by his words, changed his tone to one of compassion.” In Shakespeare’s writing you see Antony go from a sarcastic tone, to one that is more angered and compassionate about what he is saying. “I fear I wrong the honorable men whose daggers have stabb’d Caesar; I do fear it.” Shakespeare took that event straight out of Plutarch’s writing and put it in his grand play. Antony was able to…

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