Analysis Of Paulo Freire 's Life Essay

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Paulo Freire devoted his life to working among the illiterate poor, and employed a non-orthodox form of what could be considered liberation theology. Freire worked against the oppressive conditions of poor people in Brazil; which he realised could only be reformed through having a strong education system. He was one of the most famous and most radical education theorists of the 20th century; his influence upon critical literacy, non-formal education, peace education, and adult education has been immense. Freire was born in 1921 in Recife, Brazil, and he lived with poverty and hunger through the Great Depression; 1929 – 19(42?) (Freire, 1993). He learned through contact with the poorer kids in his neighbourhood by playing pickup football with them. His concern for the poor built up through these experiences which impacted hugely in building his particular educational viewpoint. In his personal view education would radically transform the lives of the oppressed poor. It was his contention that educated people are more likely to take up the challenge of changing their lives by freeing themselves from the oppressive structures of Brazilian society, as it existed at that time. This assignment will first investigate his notion of education as an instrument for liberation of the poor people. I then more deeply explore the methodologies that are being suggested by Freire to back up his notion of education to enable liberation for poor people. Furthermore, I would point up some…

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