Analysis Of No Time To Think By David M. Levy

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David M. Levy is a 71 years old, and a professor at University of Washington. He is known for his information overload research. “No time to think” is an article based on Levy point of view towards lost of time and information overload. Information overload is exposure to or provision of too much information or data.The acceleration of our time is having an effect on how we think in today 's world. We do not have time to slow down and actually focused on one thing. In this article Levy talk about how we can go about the situation and how we can find a balance between technology and life. Throughout the article Levy uses three main references Barbara Mcclintock, Vannear Bush, and Joseph Piper. He uses them to make Levy purpose even stronger. …show more content…
There is a lot of background information given to the reader for example when Barbara McClintock was introduced Levy gave background information about her past accomplishments. He does this to show her way of teaching In the very beginning of “No time to think” Levy clearly states how McClintock was using her mindset to really think deeply, “ What enable McClintock to see further and deeper into the mysteries of genetics then her colleagues?” (Keller 1983, p. 197)(Levy 1). Keller answered, “ McClintock was able to take time to look and to hear 9what the material had to say to her” (Levy 1). McClintock was no ordinary Geneticist, the way her mind set worked was completely different. She became the corn, she only focused on one thing and really looked deep into the corn until she became part of the corn she basically lived the corn. This is a way of thinking Levy is introducing to the audience by doing this Levy is guiding his audience to the type of thinking people should be doing in today century. Many of us are so focused with our busy lives that we forget what life is really all about. We forget the true beauty of nature, we forget the love and spirit we can bring to this world, we forgotten how to actually live our lives. Just like McClintock did, she took the time to think and enjoy being able to be part of the corn, and that is exactly what we need to start doing enjoy living life. McClintock was the first reference Levy mentioned in his article, exactly why did he do this? Levy mentioned all of his references in an order, he started with references that started way back to the past from World War Two to the present in today 's century. McClintock was giving her first meeting to student took place in the 1980 where students had no computers and internet, and yet the student claimed they had no time to think. This is a strategy in which Levy is showing his

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