Summary Of Think By Simon Blackburn

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In Simon Blackburn’s “Think”, Blackburn argues whether an all good, all knowing, and all powerful entity does exist. I focused on the argument Blackburn posed on Chapter 5, “God”. Blackburn is wrong to claim that the existence of evil suggests an entity who is all-good, all-knowing, and all-powerful does not exist. Simon Blackburn discusses that there is no actual truth to religion since there is no concrete proof that there is even a God. Blackburn brings up the fact that it is not possible for an all good, all knowing, and all powerful to exist. He argues that God, if he does in fact exist, may contain one of these qualities but not all three. Blackburn uses an example of a university or a school college dormitory to back up this conclusion. …show more content…
This is a greater good because although materials and property are destroyed, humanity becomes restored. People begin to stop relying on material goods and other things and start relying on the people around them. It is true that an all-powerful God could have stopped this but had he not then these people would have been living their whole lives never communicating with each other in their community and these people would have spent more time locked in their houses focused on material things ignoring the world around them. In my argument I am discussing a hurricane which only destroys material goods and have not brought upon the issue of death. Therefore, Blackburn might argue that this hurricane in which I present in my argument is merely an evil thing. He might view the whole foundation of evil as pain and death. He might then bring upon the issue of a greater hurricane hitting. He might propose a scene where a hurricane hits so strong that it kills 3,000 people. He might also not believe an all-good, all-knowing, and all-powerful God exists because if he did why would he allow such suffering to take place. Although I do understand and believe that the killing of 3,000 people is a great

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