Analysis Of Mcniff 's Diagram Inspired Me Essay

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McNiff’s diagram inspired me to construct my own illustration of practice. I have attempted to show how my numerous research cycles has linked, each informing the practice of the next whilst also depicting how the process has supported the strengthening of my identity as a leader. The need to construct such a map of my journey directed me to look more closely into the differences I experienced between my personal, professional and academic identity.

The diagram shown in figure 5 shows how I chose also to work in cycles of ‘plan-do-review’, in a reflective cycle, then before moving on, investigating the problems and outcomes of interventions. Each cycle tests and informs me as a leader with each creating multiple cycles of enquiry depicting the complexity of leadership. Overarching this I was able to look at how my identity as a leader with how this has interwoven and drawn on from the knowledge of each spiral, event or introduced intervention. Shown also in the diagram of figure 5 then weaving through the spirals, is a flowing line depicting my developing journey, the line thickening nearer the arrow the more I identify and develop as a leader. So although I have employed a spiral approach to my own action research it goes a bit further with a more complicated process not dissimilar to McNiff’s diagrammatic form. Each beginning spiral is loaded in practice with my ontological values influencing my evolving epistemology. Figure 5 depicts a new methodology,…

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