Analysis Of Learning By Degrees By Rebecca Mead

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Getting a College Degree, Seriously!
From pre-school snack time to elementary school recess, middle school basketball games to the high school video games, children grow in the mold of a specific educational system. According to the majority of U.S. students, the next stage in this traditional system is to pursue a college degree. For many students, having a college education is not a necessary way to acquire a good job anymore because of the cost of college and the rate of job losses on the rise. However, Rebecca Mead, the author of “Learning by Degrees,” stresses the positive sides of attaining a college degree by giving examples of certain college majors that have a good employment rate and are paying well. Mead means that graduates are
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Educational achievement has been statistically proven to increase earnings. Mead provides substantial proof in favor of a college education. She points out that students majoring in economics have a decent starting pay around $50,000 per year and could get to over $100,000 before they retire; those majoring in philosophy have a good beginning salary of about $40,000 (Mead). Mead’s claim makes it evident that educational attainment is positively related to the level of earnings. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics 2014 Report, a person with a bachelor’s degree earned $1,101 a week on average while a person with a high school diploma earned on average $668 a week. Take me as an example, I used to work at Lenovo as an office assistant after graduating from high school. Compared with college graduates who performed the same role as I did and made $60 per day, I only earned $20 per day. It seems that educational achievement is positively related to the earnings, and those with at least a college degree have higher salaries. Therefore, attaining a college degree will get people better …show more content…
It strengthens an individual’s competitiveness through bringing him/her academic knowledge and fostering his/her ability to think, communicate, and solve problems in an effective way. With a college degree, people have more job opportunities, more potentials to be promoted, and higher pay than those without a college degree. A great occupational outlook gives people a chance to access to a wellbeing and wealthy life. Considering the significance of college degree, people should think seriously about education and further career prospect. Given the importance of the educational attainment, people should acknowledge that a college degree is a necessary step to obtaining opportunities for career development and higher

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