Essay Analysis Of Jeanette 's ' The ' Of The Glass Castle '

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1) Reading the opening section again, Jeanette’s mother seems to both have an extreme sense of frugality and a true unawareness of the changing world around her. She chose to live her life the way she wanted to live it. For example, when Jeanette and her mom are seating seafood, her mom tells Jeanette that “You’re the one who needs help. Your values are all confused.” (pg. 13). Jeanette’s mother doesn’t wish to receive any help because she feels that her life has needs no help. Even in one of the busiest and prosperous cities in the world, she is perfectly happy with (what seems like to me) a hard, depressing, down-on-her-luck life.
2) The epigraph in the beginning of The Glass Castle explains how darkness is the journey that ultimately leads to light. For Jeanette, she truly had to endure a childhood filled with darkness and strife to enter into a place that is the light. The light is the life that Jeanette has achieved today. The epigraph serves as a foreshadow as to what Jeanette’s childhood was like.
3) Jeanette, Brian, Maureen, and Lori become very strong and independent because of their experiences as children. For example, the four of them had to learn how to acquire their food for the school day because of their father spending all of the money on alcohol. Jeanette stayed in the girls bathroom and “when the other girls came in and threw away their lunch bags in the garbage pails, I’d [Jeanette] go retrieve them.” (pg. 173). Brian took his lunch from the trash and…

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